Busy Days at MSA

It has been a busy, productive scene around MSA since our purchase, in the Fall of 2016, of a building at 11 E. Gregory Boulevard. We enjoyed the opportunity to strap on our tool belts (and get some good exercise) in the interest of tackling the lion’s share of the gutting, design and reconstruction of our new office space on the ground floor. After years of operating from the third floor penthouse of the Brookside Plaza Building, we’re pleased to be down at street level in the lively Waldo neighborhood.

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The brightest MSA news of recent times is the addition of two talented, creative individuals to the MSA staff. In March of 2017, Brandon Froelich joined the team. Due to his well-rounded skill set, Brandon was able to take the helm immediately on a considerable project load, which included the studios project in Fairway, a substantial renovation project at the Mary Rockwell Hook home on Sunset Hill, and the design of a new Mission Hills home. Brandon has also been leading MSA’s undertaking, on behalf of the worthy KC organization, BoysGrow, to design a new, energy-efficient, multipurpose building for their campus. 

In early 2018, MSA welcomed Kara Schippers, who has assumed responsibility for design, working drawing production, and construction coordination on a variety of projects. Kara has also brought her communications skills and refined graphic eye to spearheading the MSA marketing effort, beginning with a thorough revamping of our website.

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From the earliest days of our practice, MSA has enjoyed opportunities to work on both commercial and residential projects. On the commercial front, we’ve been please to contribute to the urban revitalization currently taking place along 63rd St. with the design and construction of Flying Horse Taproom. It’s also been satisfying to be instrumental in repurposing the abandoned, monumental Armco Steel structures located along the Blue River for new industrial production by Custom Truck One Source. A project in Leavenworth, KS, Young Sign Company, has taken Brandon Froelich back to his hometown roots as he helps the business expand into the second floor of their early 1900s downtown building.

Flying Horse Taproom.jpg
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Residential work remains a source of concentration for us, and we’re currently deep into the new construction and renovation of numerous projects. Without exception, we remain committed to design solutions that are aesthetically pleasing, functionally appropriate, cost effective, and environmentally responsible for all of our projects.

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And last, but certainly not least, we truly value the collaborative interaction with all of our clients, consultants, craftspersons, and builders. We continue to be honored and humbled by the trust placed in us by those who bring their projects and ideas to MSA.