Fairway fiber and music studios

In early 2017, Leesa Duby and Scott Stuewe approached MSA with the idea of creating new studio spaces for their creative endeavors. Leesa is an accomplished fiber artist and weaver, and Scott is a performing songwriter/guitarist with a strong interest in sound recording. Their home in Fairway, KS, allowed for the addition of a full wing at the north end of the lot that could accommodate twin studios, one housing Leesa’s looms and the other a recording studio for Scott. The studios both have high north windows and share a generous, sheltering porch on the south.

MSA was especially pleased to have our friend, Jonathan Wilde of Studio Jonathan Wilde, act as the general contractor for the project. We had been interested in Insulating Concrete Form (ICF) construction for a long while, and this project provided the ideal opportunity to use ICF technology to its full advantage in the creation of excellent acoustical properties for the recording studio.